Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY (Dessert anyone?)

Anyone Still Here?   Hello, Hello?  I brought some wine.  Actually, I brought some whine.

So, the Bead Soup Blog Party BIG REVEAL DAY was Saturday....last Saturday.  I just had to take some pics and finish a pair of earrings and I was ready to go!  I got home on Friday afternoon, ready spending the rest of my day doing the finishing touches.  I felt ahead of the game!

Then I got home......

A car was going about 80 MPH down a RESIDENTIAL STREET (25mph limit), took the corner at that speed, swerved to avoid a car coming in the other direction, lost control of their car and rant INTO my house.  And by INTO, I mean the hood of their car was in my breakfast nook.  (I've included some disaster pics at the bottom to see the mess).  The car was gone, but there was a little Police Report there, so it wasn't a hit and run.  Apparently they even have insurance.  And didn't kill any children walking to school.

Needless to say, the past 5 days has involved cleaning, getting inspections done, meeting with contractors, dealing with insurance, blahblahblahblah.   Fun.

So.....FINALLY!.....I got a sec to take those pictures and do this blog post.  I suspect everyone's passed out from days of partying but, I've got to post, because I got a beautiful Soup to work with.

My partner was Lora Bright (LABweorc) and you can go to her blog and see all of the magnificent jewelry she made from the soup I sent.  

ALL of the beautiful Turquoise!!!

I made a necklace and a bracelet.  Of COURSE I didn't finnish the earrings, so that's just going to have to be 2nd dessert.  And who doesn't like 2nd dessert?  (Especially when Dessert spelled backwards is STRESSED).

The Necklace

I have been obsessed with experimenting with an E-Book I bought from Lorelei Eurto  It is something I can do while traveling or staying overnight with doggies.  That technique makes up the chain in the front.  I added a Golem Studios bead with Lora's focal, the craggy turquoise, some great wood beads (Stinky Dog) and fancied a large stone and leather clasp for the back.  (That part was a bitch.)

I often test wear my jewelry to see if they are functional, but who has time to wear jewelry these days?

The Bracelet

I took this large, gorgeous focal and used it as the center pieces of a multi-strand bracelet.  I REALLY wanted to get away from the typical red/turquoise palette, but, after I got done with everything, I needed a pop and I didn't have the fuchsia beads I really wanted to use on hand.  I really like the Pearls with the Turquoise.  I want to play with this more in the future.  The clasp is one of my last remaining Daisy Chain Extra pieces.  

So, the earrings will be completed either on an rare free day or an insomniac night.  I'll share when I get them done.  

For the entire list of hoppers (500!!!)  Visit Lori Anderson's Blog.  I have yet to start hopping myself.  (Insomnia night are coming, I'm sure)

Now, about that's a few pics of the aftermath.