Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silk Color Palette - Marsha Neal Challenge

I should be dealing with the piles of papers I have just sorted, however seeing that Marsha Neal has this silk color challenge going on, I thought that would be MUCH more fun to do tonight than sort.

I've been obsessed with landscaping.  We've just ripped out our yucky front and side yard and will be installing a California Native (and water-wise) garden over the next few months.  My landscape color palette is Orange, Purple and Chartreuse with bits of grays and greens thrown in.  So, of COURSE that inspired my color palette for this challenge.

I LOVE this combination and it works so well with the style of my 1927 Spanish Revival Bungalow.  Now I want to hang long strands of these silk colors from the front porch to act as outdoor curtains!  What a wild idea (and not in any way practical).  

Oh, look at all those papers strewn over my bed.  I'd better get back to work!


  1. Lisa! Thanks for taking some time to come up with this awesome palette and add it to the Challenge! Love how that Orange, Purple and Chartreuse look against the more muted tones - all very lovely!

    And I'm delighted to not be alone in the garden makeover conquest! Natives than handle our yard "problem areas" are a great solution and you benefit too by helping the local wildlife (such an awesome bonus!).

    Good luck with the challenge! Don't forget to help share it socially (even share your blog post socially) then comment on the June 12th post for an additional entry for a Silk Knot Bundle.

    You Rock!!!

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  3. Thanks for this great palette! Beautiful.

  4. Lisa, are you still participating in Tuesday's blog hop for the Humblebeads Challenge? -Marlene

  5. Thank you for your kind comment on the Jewelry from Nature Challenge.

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