Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Garden to Table

One of my other passions is gardening.  In January, I built a series of raised beds for the side of my house and filled them with veggie plants.  We've been eating our bounty all summer long.  The garden is just about done for the summer but, before the veggies ran out, we had a party.  I co-hosted a Garden to Table dinner with my friend an fellow blogger, Heidi.  Her blog Finishing the Hat, accounts her journey through healthy living and weight loss (amont other things).

Heidi has been doing a series of dinners titled Supper Club 600.  Each meal she creates is under 600 calories.  I've attended a few of her dinners and the food is amazing!  For the Garden to Table dinner we used my bounty, fresh eggs and apples from another local urban farmer and neighbor, Jayna and supplemented from the Hollywood Farmer's Market.  My husband - The Enlightened Hedonist - made cocktails and our friend and my gardening partner, Amy made fresh ginger/carrot/apple juice.  Our friend Christy offered up her wonderful backyard for the occasion.

I wore a dress with a rooster print.  Of COURSE I had to make earrings to go with it.

The print of the dress I wore.

I HAD to make and wear earrings to go with the theme and my dress.

More photos from the event.

A plate full of goodness.

 My husband - The Enlightened Hedonist - preparing cocktails.

The food went from Table to Plate (to stomach) VERY quickly!

Heidi made adorable crate labels that we put on gift bags that included fresh produce to take home.

It was an absolute JOY to work with good friends to put this event together.  There's talk of doing it again in Spring when the garden has a new selection of fresh organic goodness.  But first, I must catch up on sleep - and jewelry making.

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