Thursday, November 10, 2011

Show Season!

Its Show Season for me and I've been super busy making new pieces.  The first of 3 Patchwork Indie Arts and Craft Festivals was last weekend.  Despite the rain in the morning (and the fact that I ended up being in puddle all day) it was a great show.  Patchwork Culver City is this Sunday.  We are going to be INDOORS at the Helms Bakery Building.  I'm really looking forward to this show.  This will be the first LA show for Patchwork and for me!  

The next 2 shows are Patchwork Santa Ana on November 27th and the Uptown Village Market on December 2nd and 3rd.  I'm part of the coordinating team for the Uptown Village Market and I'm having a blast making this event happen.  It has been a while since I've coordinated a big event, but the skills didn't take too long to revive themselves.  

I'm trying to take photos of all of my new pieces.  I've been working with some new materials and collecting (and using) a lot of art beads along with the vintage beads I collect.  Here's a small sample of some of my new pieces.

This bracelet features a lovely clay focal bead by Humblebeads.

This piece features a sweet rabbit by Tree Wing Studio and some clay beads by Humblebeads, 

 These stunning blown glass flowers are by Serena Smith.

 Purple beads by Humblebeads and some leaves hand painted by me.
 Humblebeads made the green swirl clay beads features here.
 More Serena Smith lampwork.

 Blown glass flowers by Mermaid Glass

Enamel leaves by Gardanne Beads, ceramic squares by TooAquarius and blown glass beads.

My style has been evolving.  I'm still influenced by vintage jewels but the theme of Nature is what has been captivating me lately.  Most of my new work has a definite nature theme.  I guess this old punk rocker has an earthy side buried under all of the black velvet!

More to come, I promise.



  1. Wonderful earrings--so many great looks! I hope you do very well at your holiday shows!

  2. Good luck! You've done so many different types of styles now, do you think you'll start making "collections" with different themes or color combinations?

  3. When I do shows, I group things in pieces of vintage luggage each in an "Inspired by" theme. At Patchwork, I had groupings with decorated framed signs that said "Inspired by Nature"; "Inspired by Vintage" and "Inspired by Gothic". All of my bird-related earrings were also all hung on a bird cage.

    I'm letting my work decide what the themes are. Everything I do evolves organically. I don't start out saying "I'm going to work in purple" or "I'm going to deal with rabbits" (unless I'm doing specific Holiday-themed items). I just seem to gravitate towards a large group of materials that I collect and then work with. I also don't buy beads with a specific outcome in mind. I buy what speaks to me and see where they take me.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your earrings, I love to see my components come to life in others work.