Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Mention and an Event

I love hearing comments about my work.  Since I sell mostly in stores (and a few select craft shows) I don't often get to hear comments.   I've been doing more to "get out there" in the beading world.  I've got a few project in the works for some challenges and I've been attempting to participate in the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.  I got a mention this month and this is what it said:

Blending the work of different bead artists might seem daunting, but not to this talented designer! Inspired Adornments brought out the best in all three with the movement of the flowers, the softness of the fabric and the whimsical flower and butterfly beads keep your eye moving over this beautiful necklace. 
Since I am a self-taught jewelry designer, I had no idea that combining bead artists was daunting!   It proves to me once again that I always do better work when I can break rules.

"stay between the lines, the lines are your friends"  NOT!
So pleased to be mentioned!  It keeps me enthused about my craft.

Speaking of enthused,  Friday and Saturday is my last show of the season.  The Uptown Village Market  is at the Expo Arts Center in Bixby Knolls.  This event is one that I coordinated with 3 others.  it is a first-time event and we SOLD OUT of booths.  There are going to be over 65 artists there with some pretty fantastic hand-made items.  I couldn't be more excited about it!  So, if you're local, stop by.  Here's the schedule:
I'm looking forward to getting back to some serious jewelry making after this is all over.  The ideas are literally swarming in my head like a bunch of angry bees!

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