Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Giveaway Over on Lorelei's Blog

The one thing I try to do every day (besides the normal, obvious stuff) is read a few blogs that feed my creative soul.  Other artists - and not only jewelry artists - inspire and influence me and allow me to see possibilities that I don't always see right away.  However, I do read quite a few jewelry blogs as they help me hone my skills and my craft.  One of my favorite bloggers is Lorelei Eurto.  We've never met (or actually even chatted), but from what I can glean from her blog, we have similar backgrounds (art history majors, museum career) and a love of a collagey-type style.

(Pause - does reading blogs and then talking about what you've read seem somewhat stalkerish?  Maybe it is just me.)

Anyways, Lorelei always has amazing pics of her beautiful work as well as interviews with artists and, occasionally, an unbelievable giveaway.  She has some absolutely delicious Lark Books she is giving away on January 2nd.  Of course I would love to be the winner, but I also am going right over to Amazon and put them on my Wish List.

Here are the books:
The cover pictures alone want to make me quit me job(s) and make art all day long.  (A girl can dream, can't she?)  I'd start with that Pendant.  I'm not sure what material was even used in creating it, but it is delicious!

So, please, go take a look at her blog and enjoy the eye candy!  Maybe sometime in January I will have time to make my own eye candy to show you.


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