Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I generally don't do traditional resolutions, but I do find that the new year is a good time to stop for a moment and take stock of the places I've been and the places I want to go.  Resolutions are more like Re-evaluations and an opportunity to make some adjustments in my path.   My current path looks a bit more like a tree top than a tree trunk.  It is very fragmented and branches off in many different directions.  While I love being busy, I need to do less and make what I do completely worth my time.  I'm going to be trimming some fat this month.  There will be some big changes, but I'm looking forward to every single one of them!

What I will NOT give up is my creative time.  As a matter of fact, that part of my  life needs to be much greater.

And so it shall!

My goal of 2012 looks something like this:


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