Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Would You Do?

I've been hopping around the blogosphere looking at what other designers made the same components I used for the pieces I used for my Sunday post.  There's some beautiful work out there - and it is all so very different!

I was over at the Chinook Designs blog (who made the beautiful blue snowflake pendants) and she had a virtual design hop going on with another of her pieces called "What Would You Do Wednesdays".

This one.
I LOVE it! Since I'm taking a break from buying bead supplies for a bit (you'll see why soon), I thought it would be fun to virtually design a piece using this ceramic bracelet bar.

I'd start with some olive green leather cord (this is from Lytha Studios.). This would anchor the focal bead.

I'd find a way to add some beautiful blue Labradorite beads (maybe not briolettes, but definitely this color)

  And add a few Picasso flowers as a good stabilizing neutral.

Then warm it up with a bit of vintage copper chain from Beach Castle Beads.

And I think I might add a strand of antique copper ball chain.

and add a clasp by Shannon LeVart (or maybe just use a nicely finished copper clasp)

It would be perfect with jeans and a bulky olive green sweater and brown boots.

I can't seem to get enough of 3 strand bracelets lately.  It has been my go to "fulfillment" project.  My work is always about collage in some way.  Complicated bracelets sort of match my complicated life and I fully embrace it all.

Can you see it?  I can!  It's a shame this is only a virtual piece.



  1. Pretty... although the picasso flowers look like dirty teeth. lol.

  2. Thanks for playing along Lisa! I love your choice of the green leather and copper...I thought about choosing copper as well but ended up settling on silver in the end.