Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinwheels Everywhere!

It's funny when you've got and object in mind that you begin to notice them everywhere!  Since I've been thinking about pinwheels (as opposed to actually DOING anything with the Jade Scott Pinwheel that sits in my studio) I've been seeing them all over the place.

There was an adorable garden pinwheel I saw today (that I didn't photograph - while driving - at 45 miles an hour).  A few hours later I was reading Carmi's Art/Life World blog post from the recent CHA show (Craft Hobby Association).  In a picture she took of the Basic Grey display was this lovely.

Then these popped up on Pinterest.

I walking dangerously close to having TOO much inspiration which will only render me lifeless.  But, it sure is fun to notice just how many pinwheels there are around me that I never noticed before!

I may just crawl into a corner and eat these.....

1 comment:

  1. Isn't that the way it goes, just like when you buy a car. You never notice how many are on the road until after you own one like it. Have fun creating with your pinwheel.