Monday, April 23, 2012

Bracelet Challenge

Tracy over at Making Bracelets Blog put together an idea for a great blog hop. Bracelet stacks are super trendy at the moment and it's a trend that keeps going. We were challenged to create a bracelet stack using bracelets we made combined with bracelets we already had (not necessarily our own designs).

There are 80 participants in this hop! This time I'm presenting it to you semi low tech. I'm out in Joshua Tree (again) and am almost completely off the grid. I have no wifi but a few bars of coverage on my phone, so please pardon the iPhone photos and short descriptions (and the photos that I can't place in the appropriate location).  [Edit - I'm back home so I fixed things.]

My starting point for the challenge was 3 fabulous bakelite bracelets my wonderful husband got me for my birthday. Scrumptious colors, aren't they?

From there it was just pilfering my stash for beads and components to modernize the look. There are several styles here and I've been quite bracelet addicted recently, so I keep coming up with new styles to make.

But, I couldn't stop there. I had to get a blue/teal collection going as well. An amazing vintage beetle bracelet was my starting point.

Please visit the other bloggers who participated in this challenge:


  1. Hi Lisa. Love your stacks and those colors in the second grouping scream summer.

    It looks like there was a typo in your link. I am so sorry! I am sending out a note to all the participants to update their page when they can and head to your site to check out your great stacks. I tested all the links before I sent them out. Thanks so much for playing along even while you are "off the grid."


  2. Love the eye popping oranges and green stack. The solid bangles with the beads is a great look.

  3. Those are awesome. I love the pinwheel bracelet in the first stack and am in love with the colors in the 2nd stack. It screams, "summer fun."

  4. Love love love the second stack. Bring on the colour!!

  5. Beautiful stacks!! Love the colors....

  6. Two great stacks! That bug bangle is so creepy it is cool! And the bright colors would look great on the beach. Summer! Enjoy the day!

    1. Yes, so creepy but cool! (There was also one with scorpions which I couldn't even touch.)

  7. Lisa I must say your stacks are both wonderfully perfect for summer. I do love the color combo of orange yellow and green in the first one with a touch of purple popping out. Great job!

  8. Beautiful stacks! I love the first one with all the bright and cheery colors. And the second is gorgeous with my favorite color-blue. Nice job!

  9. Your first stack (as inspired by that awesome Bakelite) is just so. . .HAPPY! The bright colors feel cheerful or something. I'm a hoarder of anything blue, so your second stack also draws me in. The beetles are a little creepy, but cool. Overall, you've created two gorgeous stacks of bracelets!