Friday, April 6, 2012

Glass Headpin Challenge Reveal!

Remember these lovely glass headpins?  I won a set during a giveaway over on Lorelei's Blog last month.  

The glass headpins were made by Anne of Gardanne Beads.   The headpins not only have a beautiful glass piece on one end, but a bead has been drawn on the other end of the pin.  What does "Drawing a Bead" mean?  Well, I've actually done this in my limited experience with torch firing enamel.  Basically, you torch the end of the metal, which melts into a lovely ball.  Here's a better picture that shows the ends of the headpins.

Normally, I would use a headpin to string beads on, but with the ball on one end, only large beads can fit.  But, I took one look at the head pins I got a decided I wasn't going to use them the traditional way.  

But, first, I needed to get out my torch, and draw some more beads on the end of a wire.  I was experimenting with some Blue Steel colored Parawire since the headpins I got were the blue one's on the left.  But Parawire doesn't seem to react to the flame the same way an uncoated wire does.

So, I went back to an uncoated copper wire and torched that.  That wire responded just like I thought it would and some lovely bead balls appeared on the ends.  (It is a bonus that the wire gets a beautiful charred patina on it as well.)

I have had flowers on the brain lately.  I'm getting ready to landscape my front yard (I've ONLY lived here 12 years!) and I remembered I had purchased some Vintage Meadow Artworks hand painted lucite trumpet flowers a while back.  These babies are hard to come by and I have been hoarding the 4 sets I bought, waiting for the perfect project or two.  Well, the blue flowers were a dream match to the headpins.  I used both ends of the headpin, added a few tendrils of the copper wire I had torched, mixed in a few findings (bead caps from Vintaj and copper ear wire I made) and Voila!

I really love these.  I'm a sucker for Fuchsia and these remind me of those beautiful blossoms.  I also loved that I had an "excuse" to get out the torch and play a bit.  I haven't had nearly enough time to just experiment with techniques I have learned but not mastered.  

Visit Anne's Etsy Shop and pick up some headpins of your own to play with.  She updates her shop every Wednesday and there are lots of great goodies to choose from.

And, Thank You Lorelei for hosting another great challenge!  It's always a pleasure to participate.

Now, go see what other lovelies were created by the other blog hop participants.



  1. Oh my! These are absolutely lovely. Love your unique take!

  2. Very,very pretty Lisa -great job.

  3. These turned out great Lisa! I love Vintage Meadworks lucite too and am hoarding a bunch of it myself.
    Thank you for participating!

  4. The Lucite and Anne's beads makes a great combination.

  5. These are gorgeous! I love the gorgeous colors of the vintage flowers, and the little tendrils are so sweet!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!
    The addition of the seed beads on the earwires sends this beautiful combo over the top!

  7. Lisa,
    I love your earrings they are gorgeous, so fitting for spring and summer.

  8. I love those vintage flowers and what a wonderful match they make with the headpins. Those are like a burst of Spring to carry with you every day. I'm just head over heels about these. :)

  9. So sweet! What a great challenge and a beautiful piece that you created. I am like you in that I learn a lot of techniques and never get to practice. Here's to exploring!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Oh, I love fuschia too. These are just so sweetly gorgeous - a hummingbird's dream!!!

  11. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge. I love your decision to add more tendrils, odd numbers are always visually pleasing.