Friday, August 31, 2012

Playing with Tutorials

I've only taken a few actual jewelry-making workshops.  Most of those have involved elements of fire that I don't feel comfortable just experimenting without the watchful eye of someone who knows what they are doing.  When I started making jewelry, I relied on books and on-line tutorials to learn new skills and techniques.  Of course, being one that doesn't follow directions very well, I'd often end up learning something totally new along with the skill I had set out to learn.  (This is why I don't bake, folks.)

I ran across two great tutorials recently and thought I'd try them out.  Both tutorials are fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their skill set.  

The first one is from The Gossiping Goddess.  It is for a Double Strand Seed Bead and Jump Ring Bracelet.  It is an easy technique and an incredibly BRILLIANT idea.  I absolutely LOVE the way the double strand of beads interlock and look almost woven - but there's no bead weaving involved here (or else I wouldn't be doing it - I also have no patience).

I took the concept and did a partial strand using small Czech glass Picasso beads (a favorite of mine), added a few vintage lucide beads and some czech glass, a pretty focal by Round Rabbit Extra, then finished off with the same bead series on the other end.  I love it and I can't wait to play with this concept even more.

I also watched a couple of video tutorials from Lorelei Eurto.  Lorelei make fun video tutes and I suggest you take a look on her blog for more of her fun tutes.  There's lots to learn here and her blog is inspiring as well.  (And, OH, the eye candy!!!)

Lorelei did 3 tutes - 2 on basic knotting of linen cord and one on stringing and knotting lampwork disks.  I just happened to buy some lovely lampwork disks from Veda's Beads and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them yet.  I watched the tute and, voila, I had my answer.  I ended up making 2 very different pieces.  This technique is so versatile that I'll be using it quite a bit in my future, I'm sure.

The blue disks are from Veda's Beads as it the glass bead on top of the focal, the pendant is from Jade Scott and the adorable lampwork owl is something I got at the Pasadena Bead Show and (I'll be damned if I can find the name of the artist.  I used a deep red linen cord and included some indonesian glass beads and some lucite flowers.  

The second piece I made is completely different and I totally love it.  The beautiful glass poppy is from Tanya McGuire, a lovely bunch of Orange Chalcodony gemstones and some Lumpy Bumpy beads from Tanya.  I used the same red waxed linen and strung the whole thing on a soft suede cord.  

And, just for kicks, here's another little piece I made the other day with a lovely little house from Elukka who makes the most charming ceramic houses, owls and other adorable goodness.  That lovely red matt glass bead is from Veda's Beads and there's lot of other goodies involved including My Elements Pixies, some Indonesian Glass, some dyed coral (I think) and red leather.  After I made this piece, I decided this was a little boat house on the ocean and I wanted to go there immediately.

That's all for now!  But, look for the Challenge of Travel tomorrow.  There are 3 pieces that are COMPLETELY different from these.



  1. Very cool!!!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Lisa all the pieces are just fantastic. Love the way you have put the different textures together. And thanks for showing me my beads in the piece I would have missed them.