Saturday, August 31, 2013

2nd Annual Challenge of Travel Blog Hop - Long Beach Staycation

Once again, I'm participating in the Challenge of Travel Blog Hop.  Last year, I had a blast "visiting Japan".  This year, the theme was the Staycation Edition.  The lovely Erin over at Treasures Found is our gracious hose and you can find all of the other blog participants linked there.  

 This is my gorgeous city, Long Beach, California.  I am surrounded by lovely vintage objects, architecture, and history (and don't forget the Pacific Ocean).  My house was built in 1927 and is a Spanish Bungalow.  There are many wonderful neighborhoods filled with charming Craftsmen, Tudor, Spanish Revival and other classic style homes.  

When  first started making jewelry, I hadn't discovered art beads yet and I would simply create my pieces after looking at classic pieces from the eras I loved.  

Below are some of the more public site of my fair city and my great influences. When Long Beach became the permanent home of the Fabulously Deco Queen Mary, the city got even more vintage clout.  I've stayed at the QM before, and it really is lovely and very vintage.  I can picture someone on the ship wearing one of my creations.   

I've gotten rusty at making the type of jewelry I used to make.  I find so much inspiration from art beads in my current work than I found it difficult to go back to just being happy with my fantastic vintage bead stash.  But, for this exercise, I decided to concentrate on the Vintage and not so much on the Art Beads (although there are a few pieces with resin pieces I have done in the past.  I've included both old and new, mostly because I want to use this exercise as my own inspiration, Incorporating some of the vintage shaped into more modern jewelry using art beads.  We will see where this takes me.

Meanwhile, some work - both old and new - using vintage inspiration. But first, a valid excuse as to why my photos are quite a nice as I'd like them to be.....May I present Sid in my handmade photo booth.  Grrrrr.  Thank you Koolaid Man Sid.  Oh Yeah. (NOOOO)

Here's a VERY early piece I made that was COMPLETELY 1920's inspired (but not a vintage bead to be found).

New piece (that I LOVE) with vintage bakelite, lucite and crystal beads.  

A couple of 1940's Style pieces.  I could wear this style every day and be happy. My vintage stash makes me happy in general.

This is an older 1950's inspired piece that I made for Disneyland's 50th Birthday using vintage beads and a resin collage I made out of old Disney ephemera.

This is the real deal!  Simple yet elegant.

Vintage lucite with a modern twist using a little bird pendant I drew.

And the only pair of earrings I've included.  There are very simple and more 1930's.

A whole mess of vintage and vintage inspired that really should be on the dresser in the boudoir of the Queen Mary Stateroom.

That's my little staycation for now.  I guess I didn't really stay put, I just traveled back in time.  

Please check out the other bloggers listed on Erin's Blog.  There will be many treasures found there, I'm sure.



  1. So beautifully colourful and classic, Lisa!

    *Too bad Sid decided to redecorate your photo booth. He must REALLY know he is loved!*

  2. That is a great collection of vintage/inspired pieces. I agree that it looks right at home on a stateroom dresser.

  3. Great theme to be inspired by the elegance of the Queen Mary. You have captured the feel of a voyage on her.

  4. Lovely designs, all of them. My favorites are those simple but awesome earrings and the Disneyland necklace as I love Disney. The vintage feel of the necklace really calls to me though.

  5. What a lovely trip back in time! I really love the Art Deco style too, and that in vintage style buttons are one of my favorites. What a beautiful ship to get to visit...thanks for sharing your lovely piece of Earth!

  6. I enjoyed this trip back in time and your jewelry perfectly fits your theme. It is simple, elegant, and cheerful.

  7. This is a look I really love, and you do it well. Very fun to get to share in your journey.

  8. Beautifully done - love the design and your blogpost. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I have always wanted to visit the west coast. Thanks for sharing!

    You have such an amazing stash of vintage beads! My favorite are the 1940's styled necklaces.

  10. Oh, how neat! I love using vintage components (I used to work at The Beadin' Path so I have quite a bit of vintage lucite). I'd love to acquire some vintage bakelite some day! Living on the east coast I've watched the sun rise over the Atlantic many, many times. Some day I'd like to see the sun set on the Pacific!

  11. Love seeing the work of a fellow Californian! The Disney Ephemera bracelet is my favorite! :) Evokes a feeling of nostalgia from me!

  12. What a lovely collection, I really like the vintage inspiration!

  13. Oh Sid! You are a love! What is it about cats and boxes?! I love your vintage inspiration! I didn't know that you could actually stay on the ship. That would be so cool! I took one cruise, the Disney, in 2000. As I understand it, that ship was modeled after the QEII. It certainly has the same deco flair. I love your vintage jewels! I am a lover of vintage as well. The bright yet soft colors intrigue me the most. I apologize for taking so long to come and visit. I have been spending a little time each day in someone's hometown. Thank you for joining me on the journey! Enjoy the day! Erin