Friday, September 2, 2011

Spooky Some More

Today was tombstone day.  I had an idea while riding the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland to use polymer clay to create tombstone bezels.  Today was my experimental phase.  I like some results better than others, but it was fun to play more with polymer clay.

You can't do spooky things without a black cat around.  Rupert provided his assistance (and his black cat hair)

Before baking. I decided to imbed some charms into the pieces as well as use them as "carvings".

After baking and highlighting with paint and gilder's paste.  Some are more difficult to read - especially the Momento Mori pieces.  I decided to put them on a simple silk cord instead of elaborate beading.  Although, I may do more of the small portrait pieces and do something a bit fancier.

my far my favorite spooky thing I've created so far are my bat bracelets.  I love bats.  I love Halloween!  I'd wear these all year round!
The metal backs say different things: "Spooky" "Fly By Night" and "Batty".  I need to come up with some more batty phrases to stamp on the metal.  I'm also going to try some alcohol inks on one or two pats and see how that turns out.  

Oh, and Sid wanted to say Hi.  He says his white belly is a nice counterpart to Rupert's blackness.

Have a Happy Long Weekend!  I'm going to see if I can power through some more pieces while I have the time.  Next week starts a busy pet sitting week and I may not have even a moment for the fun stuff.


  1. The bats are awesome and there's a lot of promise in those gravestones. Nice!

  2. You should promote these to the Bats Day folks - they'd absolutely LOVE those tombstones!

  3. I am a proud wearer of the bat bracelet. It's been such a fun piece!

    I love the tombstone idea - so clever.

  4. I saw the bat bracelets make their internet debut on Heidi's amazing blog! Those are a sure hit :) Very nice work, Lisa!

  5. Love, love, love the "Spooky" Bat bracelet! Diane